Tuscany is a land of rare and unique places. The rolling plateau of the Val d’Orcia and the large, fertile plain of the Maremma never actually meet, they are separated by the slopes of Mount Amiata, the highest mountain in Southern Tuscany and the hill Montalcino sits on.
The river Orcia, while flowing towards the Maremma and the sea has hollowed out deep gorges between these two areas of high ground and where the river Asso joins the river Orcia. The river Asso is small but fascinating and comes from the Crete Senesi area.
Here close to these gorges today we find the Rossello farmhouse in the parish of Castiglione, at the heart of the Artistic and Natural Park of the Val d’Orcia which has recently been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Podere Rossello: tel. +39 338 20 89 174 -

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